Tasks Of Affirmation: A New Twitch Live Stream Series

In the late summer of 2020, I began live streaming on my Twitch channel. We started off by building an Android Study Guide application. The purpose of the application was to build something people would be interested in using, while also taking the opportunity to build an application out in the open.

For a number of reasons, discussed in the latest video, I’ve decided to sunset that project and begin a new live stream series: Tasks Of Affirmation.

The Project

Traditional todo list applications can be very hard for some people to stay organized. There’s a lot of pressure to complete tasks, continuously enter tasks, and stay up to date. I think it’s possible for these applications to provide a little more support and compassion to users.

Rethinking a todo list application’s role in a users life means considering things that make staying organized difficult. How can we congratulate users for taking a big step and starting a journey to be organized? How can we avoid making users feel guilty if they don’t complete a task on time, or at all? If we see a user is unable to complete a task, how can we offer to help them?

These are just a number of questions I’m hoping we can answer - and if you’d like to help with that endeavor, I hope you can join us on Twitch.

The Streams

In building out this application, our streams will have the same purpose and focus they always have - to provide a real time, raw, relatable Android development experience. None of the streams are scripted, and in each stream we will work together to learn how to solve something. We’ll come across bugs and other weird behaviors and see how we can diagnose and solve them in real time. It’s what makes Twitch one of my favorite mediums to teach from - it’s unfiltered coding where our mistakes aren’t hidden off camera.

Staying Organized

In order to ensure that I stay organized throughout this project and that progress is clear and transparent, we’re leveraging GitHub Projects. These project boards allow us to clearly separate our work into tasks that are to do, in progress, or done. Tasks will be recorded using GitHub issues - all work on this project should be recorded in the issues page.


I currently stream at 6:30 PM America/New_York time every Wednesday. Be sure to check Twitch or my Twitter for an updated schedule if that changes.

I hope you can stop by throughout this adventure and learn something new. If you have any ideas for the project, feel free to submit an issue, let me know during a stream, or reach out to me on Twitter.

Adam McNeilly

Adam McNeilly
Adam is a Google Developer Expert for Android. He's been developing apps since 2015, and travels the world to present and learn from other Android engineers.

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