The singleton design pattern is a design that limits the instantiation of a class to a single object. To quote Wikipedia:

This is useful when exactly one object is needed to coordinate actions across the system.

A great example of this is the SQLiteOpenHelper, or any other data source object. Using more than one datasource to talk to an SQLite database on Android creates the opportunity for leaks in your SQLite connection, which we will discuss later. First, let’s talk about the proper way to use the SQLiteOpenHelper and the singleton pattern. This tutorial assumes you have already created the open helper class. If you do not have any experience with SQLite databases for Android, I recommend Lars Vogel’s tutorial.

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One of my favorite components introduced with Material Design is the FloatingActionButton (FAB). These buttons are great for emphasizing the primary action of an Activity, but quickly become a nuisance when displayed over a RecyclerView as they may block the bottom list item. To avoid this, we can hide the FloatingActionButton when scrolling a RecyclerView.

In today’s tutorial we will only be hiding the FAB when the RecyclerView is scrolled upward, and it will reappear on the next down scroll as shown here:


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