Guest Authors Wanted

After two years of blogging on this site, posting various tutorials and Android discussions I felt were relevant, I’m now looking to share that experience with others. Blogging has been an invaluable experience for me, as I learn just as much as I get to teach when I’m thoroughly researching and writing a post. There’s no reason for me to keep this opportunity to myself, though.

As of today, Android Essence is proud to announce support for guest authors! Have some content you’ve been dying to write about but didn’t know where to write it? Know of something that would fit the Android Essence brand but has never discussed? I would be honored for you to contribute to it. The page linked in this paragraph has a thorough walk through of how you can contribute and what is expected.

This blog post will remain the official source of truth for all updates to the program, and its current status:

  1. October 21, 2017 - Guest author feature rolled out. Supports multiple author profiles and customized “About the Author” section on each post. There are no individual author pages or the ability to search by author yet.

Adam McNeilly

Adam McNeilly
Software Engineer and Android development enthusiast.

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