Breaking the Buzzwords Barrier

MVVM? Retrofit? RxJava? Data binding? Architecture components? LiveData? Kotlin?

Right now, these buzzwords are heard all over the Android community. Every podcast/blog/conference talk is referencing one of these. Which can be very intimidating to new developers. Which one should I learn first? Do I need all of them? What are these things even used for?

The purpose of this series is to break all of that down, and show that none of these buzzwords are truly that scary. We’ll go over an application I’ve published called CashCaretaker which is a simple finance tracker with all data stored locally on the device. It uses all of the buzzwords I mentioned further up, and we can go through them step by step.

You can checkout a simple gif of the project here:

Android Essence

You can find all the code for this project on GitHub.

Now, let’s dive into part 1 and talk about the architecture, first.

Adam McNeilly

Adam McNeilly
Adam is a Google Developer Expert for Android. He's been developing apps since 2015, and travels the world to present and learn from other Android engineers.

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