App Review: DigiLux

Controlling the brightness of your phone can be a hassle. Currently we’re stuck with the two step process - swipe down on the notification drawer, and then deal with the slider trying to get it just right. However, with the release of Android Oreo and a new fingerprint gesture API, a new solution was born. Enter DigiLux.

DigiLux is an application that uses gestures on your fingerprint scanner to control your brightness. Within 24 hours it garnered a 4.9 star rating on Google Play and was featured by Android Police. Let’s go over some of the main talking points of the app.


As discussed in the beginning, the app allows you to control your brightness with your fingerprint scanner. It sounds like that’s all there is to it, but it’s actually incredibly customizable.

As you can see, the app is pretty modular. You’re allowed to choose:

  • The slider step percentage with each swipe
  • How far down the slider should come from the top of the screen
  • What colors it has
  • Sliding horizontally for min/max values

A little birdy told me that in future releases you’ll be able to map each swipe direction to whatever you want. I think this functionality is incredible, especially given the amount of control the user has so they can make sure the application works the way they want it to.


In addition to the fluid and simple design of the home screen, the app also uses a wonderful color picker by QuadFlask which allows the user to find the perfect hexadecimal color for both the slider background and the slider itself.

The design of this application was executed flawlessly. It’s easy to follow, and aside from a small bar of ads it’s not cluttered at all. I wouldn’t mind it, though - when you use the app day to day you may not be opening the app to change configurations anyways. Plus, we all got bills to pay.


Once you’ve configured everything, the actual functionality works incredibly. The app recognizes the gestures pretty quickly, and adjusts the brightness perfectly. We all have a different definition of what the perfect change is, but that’s the beauty in being able to adjust the step percentage.

At the end of the day, DigiLux is definitely an app to have in your toolbox. I could read you off several use cases, but I think you should learn from the app description itself.

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Adam McNeilly

Adam McNeilly
Adam is a Google Developer Expert for Android. He's been developing apps since 2015, and travels the world to present and learn from other Android engineers.

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