RichTextView Library Released

As a form of ultimate procrastination this weekend, I decided to spend the last two days developing a RichTextView library.

This weekend I built the RichTextView (the naming convention comes from the RichTextBox C# class) which allows the user to format different parts of a TextView in different ways. For example, if I wanted to display a string but only bold a portion of it, I could achieve that with this class.

Formatting a TextView like this is not unheard of, as you can do things such as inject HTML into a TextView or use a SpannableString (which this library uses under the hood). However, I aimed to simplify this process and make it much easier for the user.

Here is a sample of what this looks like in action:

RichTextView Sample

If you’d like to learn more, such as the available methods and how to include this into your next project, please check out the library on my Github.

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