RecyclerViewUtils Library Released

It has been several months since I have written a blog post, so it is only appropriate that I share what I have been up to since then!

Recently, I became tired of writing the same old tedious code for every single RecyclerView and Adapter class I used, that all did the same thing, so I extrapolated all of it into a library.

The RecyclerViewUtils library helps make everyone’s life a little easier with a CoreViewHolder and CoreAdapter class, described below.


At the heart of these classes is CoreViewHolder which is a RecyclerView.ViewHolder class used to display an object of a specific type. It has one abstract method for binding an object of that type.

Here is a sample of a CoreViewHolder for Account objects:


Using the CoreViewHolder class from above, the CoreRecyclerViewAdapter is an abstract base class for using an adapter of objects with a given type. By using a generic type, we were able to override many boilerplate methods such as:

  • add
  • remove
  • swapItems
  • onBindViewHolder

Thanks to this handy utils class, it cuts down on a ton of boilerplate code inside your adapter, and makes it very simple:


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