App Review: Material App Manager

Developed by Mayr Technologies, Material App Manager is a must have app for every developer. It is a great way to mark down ideas for an app, and track them all the way through the development process. Let’s take a look at some of my ideas:

Material App Manager

I really admire the use of CardViews in this application. They display all of the necessary information for the app, with an option to toggle the app description, and have quick options for editing and deleting. The TabLayout above is responsible for showing the development stage of the app(s) you’re looking at.

You may or may not have noticed that the developer increased the elevation of the Card when it was expanded; A great way to add extra focus. While using the Keyline Pushing app on this screen, I did find that the margin on the Cards are less than 8dp. This may not meet the Material Design specs, but it certainly doesn’t hinder the experience.

Navigation Drawer

As the name implies, this application uses Material Design for its UI. Aside from the CardViews and FloatingActionButton seen in the screen above, this developer materialized their Navigation Drawer and did an excellent job at it. Everything is aligned well and it uses great colors that match the rest of the application:

Material App Manager


Using Keyline Pushing to overlay a grid on your application is a great way to notice things that may not be as obvious to the naked eye. Here is our app ideas screen once again, this time with keylines:

Material App Manager

Using the keylines it becomes more clear that the Cards have a smaller margin than is recommended. However, we can see that the icons and text around the cards has about 16dp padding which is great. Many specifications regarding padding and margins in Material Design use multiples of 8dp (hence the 8dp grid on the screen). Using this consistency throughout the application is a big bonus to creating beautiful UIs.

What To Watch For

I will admit, it took a while of using this app before I found something to write here. Sure, I can be nit picky about spacing and such, but many of those things will not ruin the user experience too much. Eventually, I did find that having a large app title does not expand the CardView:

Material App Manager

I suspect the cause of this was hard coding a layout_height value of the CardView element. To work around this, the height can be set to wrap_content and the developer can use the minHeight attribute to make sure the element doesn’t go below a certain size.

Similarly, for really large app descriptions, the Card does not expand properly. For that, the developer could consider expanding the Card further, or allowing the TextView to scroll when the text becomes to large.

General Notes

This app has a lot of capabilities. There are so many features that I haven’t even touched on. Beyond adding an app name and description, you can keep track of the features your app has, record bugs, and keep track of TODO:s. The developer certainly achieved their goal of using Material Design, as this app makes use of all important topics such as elevation, spacing, colors, and surfaces. Font sizes and colors were used uniquely throughout the app was well to demonstrate the varying importance of the aspects on the screen.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this app, and be sure to point out any of the other great benefits that were left out of this review. Download Material App Manager from the Google Play store today!

Material App Manager

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