Free Android App Reviews Now Offered!

As the author of Android Essence I have made it my goal to teach the readers how to create beautiful and interactive User Interfaces. This has been achieved through offering helpful tutorials and providing open-source code samples of bleeding edge Android UI tactics. However, it’s time to take this a step further.

To provide more hands on and relevant support to the great readers of this blog, Android Essence is now offering free app reviews for Android developers. The requirements are minimal, and can be found on the app review page, along with  the steps for submission.

I hope to make this another unique tool that helps you improve your UI skills by seeing the accomplishments (and occasional mistakes) that other developers just like you have made. If you are submitting your own app for review, you’ll get personalized and invaluable constructive criticism about your work.

Whether you are a veteran developer who is looking to showcase the incredible UI talent you’ve gained over the years, or a beginner wondering how best to display your “Hello, World!” text, I encourage you to head over to the app review page and participate in the great activity of learning by example.


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