Material Design

Android has a built in SearchView component but it doesn’t feel much like Material Design. This has even been asked on StackOverflow because developers are having trouble recreating the same MaterialSearchView […]

Along with the RecyclerViewCursorAdapter library that was released earlier this week, I have now released my second open source Android library. In collaboration with my good friend Maurício, we have built a […]

Developed by Mayr Technologies, Material App Manager is a must have app for every developer. It is a great way to mark down ideas for an app, and track them all […]

When it comes to making an app, some of the biggest struggles developers face is outside of the code itself. What should I name the app? Who is my target […]

The RecyclerView.Adapter class is used to bind a dataset to a RecyclerView to be displayed to a user. As I explained in another post, RecyclerView Vs ListView, the RecyclerView.Adapter forces […]

Before continuing this post, I recommend you read my previous one on Swipe To Dismiss RecyclerView Items as this will build upon the ItemTouchHelper class discussed there. Once you’ve done that, […]

In my last post I broke down the differences between the RecyclerView and a ListView. One of the benefits of the RecyclerView that I touched on was the ItemTouchHelper. This […]