Cash Caretaker Republished

I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way, but I’d like to share with you the one I’ve learned most recently:

  • Always backup your keystore file.

Without your keystore file, you will be unable to recreate the correct signature for your application’s APK, and can no longer update your apps listing in the Google Play store. This is what happened with my Cash Caretaker app, and why I did not to update it for five months.

Not wanting to give up on the application, I made a positive opportunity out of this. It was my chance to fix some mistakes in the database without worrying about loss of user data, and rebuild the app from the bottom up using the new skills I’ve learned since I first started the app 8 months ago.

The first iteration of the new package goes back to the basics, simply recording accounts and transactions. Below of the main features of the application.

I would love to see comments of what you guys think, and what kind of features you want to see next! Head on over to the Google Play store to check it out now.

Cash Caretaker

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    1. The second lesson I learned is never feel like you are invincible. Laughing at the misfortune of others may sound fun, but you will want those people on your side when you make a mistake yourself. ;P

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