App Reviews

Android Essence offers free Android app reviews for the developers of an application. These reviews will be focused around, but not limited to, the app’s user interface.

I will attempt to review at least two apps per month. By submitting your app for review you are not guaranteed to have your app featured in a post. Before submitting your app for review, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The app is available in the United States (my location).
  • The app is free, or you are willing to send an APK by email.

In addition to the requirements for the application, I have some conditions for each of the submissions as well:

  • The submission must be sent from the developer’s email found on the Google Play Store.
  • The application’s name must appear in the email’s subject.
  • The body of the app should include a short description of the app itself.
  • Include the Play Store link to your app, or the .apk file in the case of a paid app.
  • I will take any screenshots I feel are best used in the review. If there is anything that you are not comfortable with being shared, include the name and/or description of those screens in the email.

If I choose to review your application, you will receive a draft of the review at which time you can accept or reject the post, or ask that I remove any information about your app that you don’t want published. I will not change any opinions that I gave; If you do not want them, do not ask to have your application reviewed. Please do not submit your app for review more than once.

All submissions for review can be sent to If you have any questions regarding the review process before submitting your app, please use the contact form.